Jyotish Sarbogya Palash Appointment


  • JYOTISH SARBAGYA – Gurukul Astro Spiritual Society 

Website – www.astropalash.in/

Chamber –

HOWRAH – G.I.P Colony, Howrah, PIN- 711112


At present the soothsaying is flourishing quickly and the individuals who have a place with such sort of training in this field are called celestial prophet. We can learn and know different piece of crystal gazing from that soothsayer. Crystal gazing has some particular logical system and based on these technique soothsayers offer guidance to people. Astrologer PALASH is one of such stargazer and furthermore an entertainer from a youthful age. He is pulled in to this field and began to take in crystal gazing from the age of fifteen. In the year 1995 he began his prophetic training. Presently a-days he is an extremely prestigious and popular celestial prophet in the visionary world. He procures the learning from consistent perusing and following well known crystal gazing writing and association. He predicts the fate of the human. As a person he is straightforward, uncomplicated and bold. He essentially has confidence in present day logical crystal gazing. With his unbelievable celestial information and incredible persution he is set up himself in the mysterious world. He got the Upadhi “JYOTISH SARBAGYA” from Gurukul Astro Spiritual Society approved by Govt. of West Bengal. At present he is in especially in the field of crystal gazing focused research.

Website – www.astropalash.in/

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